In-House Concierge

In-House Concierge

In-House Concierge services offered in Agoura Hills, CA

Dr. Nina Yaftali, D.O., M.S., is a board-certified physician in both Internal Medicine and Sports Medicine. She has been an Attending Physician at Primary Care Sports Medicine in Agoura Hills, California, since 2019. From her experience, Dr. Yaftali knows all too well how difficult access to health care—especially when you need it most. That’s why Dr. Yaftali established her own patient-centered concierge service: In-House Concierge . Need a house call? Personal attention? A private diagnosis? A health and wellness check? With Dr. Yaftali, your personal health needs come first—always. To learn more, call and arrange a consultation online today.

What is personal concierge care?

Concierge care is one of the personal and private services we offer at Primary Care Sports Medicine. Dr. Yaftali understands how difficult it is for many patients to come into the office to get the care they need when they need it. But through Dr. Yaftali’s personal concierge service, she comes to you for acute care visits, physical exams, and any other need for medical treatment that may arise.

While other physicians may have hundreds if not thousands of other patients, Dr. Yaftali has been building her medical practice with a focus on the quality of healthcare, not mere quantity. And when you’re her patient, that means immediate response, personal attention, and the best possible treatment.

What medical services come with Dr. Yaftali’s concierge care?

Dr. Yaftali offers a comprehensive range of medical assessments, screenings, and treatments to patients and athletes. 

Who should receive in-house concierge care?

Dr. Yaftali provides compassionate and comprehensive medical care and attention to all of her patients who need a house call, including athletes. While house calls are often beneficial to those with disabilities or illnesses that make traveling to a doctor’s office challenging and stressful, Dr. Yaftali also provides house calls to accommodate busy professionals who don’t have the time to come into the office.

What should I do if I want in-house concierge care?

If you have a disability, chronic illness, or musculoskeletal injury that makes leaving your home challenging or stressful, you are probably eligible for in-house concierge care. You are also likely to qualify, should you need discreet medical care delivered in the convenience of your home. 

If you would like to learn more about Dr. Yaftali’s concierge healthcare services, call Primary Care Sports Medicine or book an appointment online today. 

She provides physical exams that help monitor your vital signs, including blood pressure, heart rate, and lung function, as well as urgent care and other sick visits like the flu, sinus infections, Covid-19, diarrhea, urinary tract infections (UTIs), STD testing, rashes, and much more. 

If necessary, Dr. Yaftali can also collect blood and urine samples to test for diabetes, high cholesterol, and hormonal imbalances and perform proactive cancer screenings, genetic screenings, and allergy testing.

Along with these general wellness checks and diagnostic services, Dr. Yaftali can also write prescriptions to address your health concerns and improve your general sense of wellness and  advise you on incremental changes so you can lower your blood pressure, lose weight, or manage your glucose or cholesterol levels. In short, unlike most doctors, Dr. Yaftali will help you manage all your healthcare needs—from short-term to long-term. For Dr. Yaftali, a comprehensive approach to each patient’s wellbeing is the only approach.